Field Service Management: What is It and What is the Benefit?

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Field Service Management: What is It and What is the Benefit?

Probably most of you have heard of Field Service Management. Field Service Management can be defined as an integrated system designed to track various components of field operations in a field work, such as a contractor. The intended operating components usually include inventory management, vehicle tracking, job scheduling, shifting and job description, customer portals, and more. When viewed from the software as a service (SaaS) sector, component management through field management systems can be manage & controlled through cloud based portals, accessible from mobile devices when field technicians are working.

Seeing the development of the current era where technology is all sophisticated, then the renewal in the field management system also occurs significantly. Here are the benefits of Field Service Management you need to know :

1. Faster Schedule Sharing in Field Service Management

The efficiency of time in the process of project work in the field has always been a matter of continuous effort. Efficient job scheduling is one of the most significant benefits of field service management. At one point, the transition of field management from “paper based” to “digital based” was also a strategic way to increase time control. Field Service Management may provide job information, technician identity, address and contact details of the client, as well as access to job requests so that you can prepare for any problems that may arise.

2. Field Service Management Improves customer satisfaction

Attracting or finding new customers is more difficult than maintaining existing regular customers. But through Field Service Management, you as a service provider can easily participate in the network and promote themselves to a wider audience. When you have run a busy field service operation, field management is needed to continue to build relationships with old customers and establish relationships with new customers. In this way, customer satisfaction can be significantly improved.

3. Transparency of processes and investments can be seen directly

A field service management system can provide a clear picture of your inventory and what projects you are currently undertaking. This also increases visibility of equipment for your field worker, so that the transparency of processes and investments can be seen clearly. Field Service Management helps you simply order what you need to keep the flow of business.

So, have you optimized the performance of your company’s field workers by doing Field Service Management?

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